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Bob Jeter

Senior Vice President, Electronic Engineering/Manufacturing, GR8 Seas Holdings Inc.


Bob Jeter

Bob Jeter is an Electronics Engineer with a BSEET degree from DeVry University. High technology development is his passion and thinking outside of the box evidenced by his innovate solutions in many industries over the past 27 years.  Bob spent his first 6 years of his professional career in the electronics sales and distribution business as a field applications engineer. As an applications’ engineer to tier 1 & 2 OEM customer accounts. (Many Fortune 100 companies including all of the telecom companies in the Midwest area), his focus was electronic component selection and application design.

In 1992, Bob founded his own electronic design consulting company, CPM Inc. In 1993, CPM Inc. transitioned its’ business to include custom design development and contract electronics manufacturing. Over the years, Bob has developed many technology solutions related to asset tracking utilizing electronic controls, bio-metrics and RFID technologies through various different wireless protocols. Bob helped design and build LED lighting modules and retrofit panels starting as early as 2005.


CPM Inc. continued to design and manufacture custom electronic controls, printed circuit boards and cable assemblies until 2013 at which time, Bob sold the contract manufacturing of PCBs and cables. CPM sold the reaming portion of the business, E-Commerce sales and low volume design manufacturing, to his son, Josh Jeter who founded Ecotech Solutions Inc.

In 2013, Bob started developing technology and intellectual properties specific to the precious metals validation technology market. Bob, along with a business partner founded Precious Metals Express Inc. and continues to actively develop technologies in automated and intelligent technologies related to the company’s initial patented invention.  


Board of Directors @ King’s Gates Conference - Training Center and The Angel Projects of America, both are 501(c)3s

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