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Greg Grier

Chief Financial Officer

Greg has over ten years of accounting experience and is a graduate of the University of IL at Chicago. He majored in Finance and Management and in 2008 he received his certificate of entrepreneurial studies from the Joseph Business School in 2011. Greg later obtained an advanced certificate in accounting from the College of DuPage in 2017. He has extensive knowledge of accounting and finance and has held several senior level accounting positions including corporate controller.


Susan Oertle

Marketing Communications Specialist

Susan is an ESL (English as a Second Language) instructor at St. Augustine College, College of DuPage, and BIR Training Center in Chicagoland. She graduated from Northern Illinois University with an M.A. in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)  and she holds a B.A. in anthropology and Spanish, also from NIU. Susan is a volunteer at Calvary Church in Naperville, IL as a leader in the senior high youth group. Her work in missions begin at 17 years old Susan has spent time living, studying, and teaching abroad with The Angel Projects of America.

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Jeffrey Jackson

Government Contracting Consultant

Jeff is a decorated Master Sergeant in the US Army Reserves and has been deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. He also supervises force management for the Army Reserves’ location in South Darien, IL.  In the past, Jeff worked in federal business development for CannonDesign in Chicago, where he provided strategic and operational leadership, maintained client relationships, and was responsible for creating and implementing the company’s federal market growth strategies.  Previously, Jeff had worked for the same company as a technology designer and consultant.


Goran Simoskis

European Coordinator - Energy Sectors

Goran is born in Tetovo, Macedonia. He has over 20 years of experience as a manager gained through his own business company “Gipso Komerc Energy” in the electrical materials trading and sales department.
He is a committed team player with leadership abilities, who uses high standards of communication to establish positive interpersonal relationships. Moreover, he is accustomed to working in a challenging and fast-paced environment particularly when dealing with multiple projects and priorities at the same time.
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Richard Calavera

Division Vice President - North Dakota Division

Richard started Calavera Martial Arts and Boxing Gym, where he is the Head Coach/Owner and the facility is still going strong. He worked for BNSF as a conductor for TY&E Operations and after 44 faithful years he retired. Richard is currently the Chief Of Official (COO) for of North Dakota and registered Professional Boxing Event Match-Maker under the Quicksilver Hill Sports & Entertainment LLC. Mr. Calavera is a Coach and Cut-man for the 2013 International Boxing Hall of Fame, Virgil “The Quicksilver” Hill, a 5 times WBA/IBF Boxing World Champion.


Leah Herrera

Director of Sales and Marketing - ECO PHILIPPINES (Philippines Division)

Leah was born in and raised in Manila, Philippines and started working as an event organizer, and now owns Horizon Entertainment. She works with events, talents, and producing concerts as well as manage band and artist and supply for Pagcor for their nightly entertainment, produced a lot of local shows and recently supply the whole production to a corporate client and started to venture on new project like creating music videos, corporate films and tv commercials.


Pido Geologo

Creative Director – Media and Content Production -  ECO PHILIPPINES (Philippines Division)

Pido came from the family of animators and visual artists. He studied Digital Arts in Animation and Visual Arts at University of Makati. While studying, he is working at Toon City animation Studio – a subcon company of Walt Disney in the Philippines. He studied graphic design in Singapore and video and image production, product photography and social media management in Dubai . Pido worked as an event organizer / graphic designer for a largest restaurant-bar chain in the Philippines and then he joined Horizon Entertainment Production as an art director. Pido is a visual artist, digital visual artist, photographer, and videographer, which makes him “jack of all trades” in his craft.

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Lyn Maples

Compliance Advisor

Gr8 Endeavors International Corporation

Lyn brings over 25 years of driven Regulatory and Compliance experience with a keen ability to understand manufacturing processes for development of key technical, quality, regulatory, contractual and validation documentation, procedural, and best practices infrastructure in the automotive, supply chain, pharmaceutical, and agricultural industries. She currently is the CEO of her firm, The M2B Group, providing consulting in pharmaceutical and agricultural manufacturing to include the areas of compliance, quality, regulatory, validation, GMP, audits, SOP’s, CAPA’s, QM, IQ, OQ, FAT, SAT, blockchain DCSCA and development of OSHA adherence programs.
She has worked internationally with corporations that include Michelin NA, GSK and the Kenya Poison and Pharma Board. She is also currently a quality and manufacturing volunteer for the non-profit MedAditus project in sub- Saharan Africa due to her experience with the Pharma and Poison board as well as an SME in the distribution of medicines in Africa essentially in the black/gray market of medicine distribution. 
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Sylvia Morales

Office Manager

Sylvia has an entrepreneurial and accounting background. She realized her aptitude for business when, as a young girl, she and her brother outperformed their classmates in raising funds for their school projects. Sylvia successfully started her first company, with her husband, in 1991; they ran it for 13 years until his health started to decline. Sylvia is currently on an accounting contract with Aston Carters, and she holds a bachelor degree in marketing from Benedictine University.


Olivia Foster

Media Director

Olivia studied graphic design & advertising at College of DuPage and continued her education at Olivet Nazarene University, graduating magna cum laude in Business Administration in 2008.  For over 15 years, Olivia worked in the marketing industry which included social media, graphic design, photography, videography, as well as computer programming. She also volunteers at her church as a staff photographer, and the volunteer work grew into full-time humanitarian mission work, both abroad and stateside including South Africa, Uganda, India, Cambodia, the Philippines and Kenya.


Derrick Wilson

Commodities Trading Manager

Derrick earned an associate degree in business from Indiana Dabney University and has successfully owned and operated a business for the past 22 years.  As an entrepreneur, he looks to grow and improve services, and impact the lives of the individuals he serves.  Additionally, Derrick offers creative solutions to tough and complex issues that organizations face.  As an avid investor, he has more than a rudimentary understanding of the foreign exchange markets and consults and coaches small business owners.

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Kevin Dailey


Kevin has worked for such corporations as Hewlett Packard, MTI, Fiberlink Communications Corporations, and Apex Computer Solutions, an IBM Premier Business Partner. Kevin has held various positions within these companies, such as District Manager and Vice President of Sales. Kevin also concurrently serves as President of a private manufacturing company, Pryor Products, which supplies medical device mobility solutions. Pryor has been in business since 1972 and has 160 employees in Oceanside, CA.

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Michael Stamnes

Director of Sales - North Dakota Division

Michael joined the Marine Corps and served in Vietnam after high school. He was employed by the Burlington railroad for 39 years and after retirement he owned and operated VET's Trucking and his consulting ventures created a chemical company that brokered  numerous chemical substances that were used in the oil and gas industry. His current project helped facilitate a billing program that invoices over 40 million dollars a year for oil and gas production services.  His current focus is to market the green energy technology in North Dakota, and globally.


Paolo Bautista

Director of Business Development - Philippines

Paolo is an experienced entrepreneur and a co-founder of a food, garment embroidery and real estate development  companies. He worked as a financial advisor with Philam Life and as a consultant to local government units in syndicating funds for self-liquidating projects via floatation of municipal bonds. Paolo also served as a business development executive for an energy company. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce major in Management of Financial Institutions from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines.

Ertan's -BIO.jpg

Ertan Arkci

Territorial Authorized Agent

Ertan took part as a Business Solution Partner, working on several large scale construction projects carried out with Turkish construction companies in Turkmenistan. His efforts and involvement proved to be highly successful in all of these partnership projects and business activities.

C.S.R. Raju

Director of Indian Operations—India


Mr. C S R RAJU has the extensive business acumen with international exposure and experience towards promoting different kinds of renewable energy projects. He has been working to promote next generation reverse global warming projects and gained experience in promotion of green energy projects, Project Promotion and Management etc.

He is specialized in the establishment of renewable energy projects on Concept to Commissioning (C 2 C).