Goran Ilijevski

Senior Vice President, Mechanical Engineering/Real Estate Development

Goran Ilijevski

Goran Ilijevski was born on November 17, 1970 in Macedonia.  He grew up in a wonderful, loving family that included his mother, father, and younger brother. He has fond memories going on annual family summer vacation to Greece every June.  

As a young man Mr. Ilijevski grew up loving to work on cars, in particular, engines; he would often be found assisting his father to repair engines. At an early age he had a proclivity and gift with understanding mechanical devices, their inner-workings and inter-connectivity.  This proclivity for mechanical devices truly revealed itself when he was 12 years old he rebuilt an engine on a French Renault 4 automobile but his passion for mechanical devices did not stop with cars. His passion sparked an interest in mechanical engineering, which led him to attend Bitola, the engineering school in Macedonia for Mechanical Engineering.  What started off as a small spark has turned into a life-long passion.  


During his off time, he attended the College of Du Page, where he enrolled in English, architecture, and engineering classes.   

In 1995, he was hired as a Maintenance Director for an apartment complex in Schaumburg, Illinois servicing about 650 complexes. A year later, he was promoted to the Supervisor position.  In this new role he had a grounds-keeper, 6 caretakers, 6 technicians, and one secretary that reported to him. Two years later, Goran was offered a new position as the Maintenance Director and he held this position until he opened his own company, Dependable Maintenance in 1999.   In 2004, he added few new departments and expanded the operation by 50% which led him to rename his company, Dependable Remodeling and Construction Inc., where he is the President.  In 2014 he had another opportunity to open a company in Houston, Texas and he named the company TX Cabinetry/Flooring LLC, in which he holds the title of CEO.  Running these two companies for an accumulated total of 19 years brings tremendous joy to his life.  

Board of Directors @ King’s Gates Conference - Training Center and The Angel Projects of America, both are 501(c)3s