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Sanitizing Products

GR8 Endeavors international corporation

In our ever changing world, plagued with uncertainty, one crisis after another, people are searching for hope, solid answers, and something they can place their trust in again!  The marketplace is  filled with seemingly one huckster after another, unreliable suppliers, questionable business dealings, and subpar products, Gr8 Endeavors International Corporation was born.  


Having encountered several individuals and corporations who promised they would and could supply the products we needed, but failing miserably to do so, a group like minded entrepreneurs with several years of manufacturing experience decided to become the change they wanted to see in the marketplace. 


After consulting with one another and ensuring that their supply chain was solid as well as their partnerships, they entered the market.  Not to take advantage of a crisis but to bring solid, reliable, trustworthy products and services to our troubled times. 

Gr8 Endeavors International Corp manufacture hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, surface disinfectants and distributes other PPE related products/services.  


We are currently manufacturing in Maryland, Texas, California, and soon we will open another facility in Tennessee.   

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