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Kings’ Gates Conference and Training Center
3000 Acre Development


It is our mission to train, men in particular, to accomplish what God has designed and destined them to accomplish. We are looking to unearth the next great world leader, next great idea, next great technology that is needed for humanity.


Concurrent with this aforementioned approach, we seek to impact the females in a positive way so that they become the queens and leaders God intended for them to become as as well. But we must first correct the male!

The main focus of Kings' Gates Conference and Training Center is to unite men, in particular, with their identity and destiny. We believe if men were to begin to do what they were ordained to do, the entire system would be changed so that needs of the woman are met. But when God's progenitor is out of alignment, the entire system that it is connected to is also affected and out of alignment as well. 


MESSAGE BEHIND THE MOVEMENT: Adam, the male specie, must apologize for how he has conducted himself throughout the generations, how he has ruled as God's Vice Regent, how he has treated others, divided the earth's resources, plotted, schemed, lie, cheated, stolen, murdered, and hid his hands as if he was innocent. The blame falls squarely upon his shoulder and he alone is to blame for the plight of the world and its inhabitants. And when he does what is right and admits his wrong and takes responsibility for what has been allowed to happen, the entire system will be healed and snapped back into proper alignment with God's original purpose and plan. Weak men are the sole reason why things are the way they are. Kings' Gates will focus on
the Seven Mountains Mandate...

These Mountains Include...

  • Education (Our Schools and Colleges)

  • Government/Military (Politics, both Local/Federal, and our Military)

  • Religion (Our Churches and Faith)

  • Families (The Dynamic Identity of a Family Unit)

  • Business & Finance

  • Arts & Entertainment

  • Media (News, Social Media and the Internet)

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