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Robert 'Bob' Shemansky

Senior Vice President, Real Estate Development, GR8 Seas Holdings Inc.

Robert 'Bob' Shemansky

Robert (Bob) Shemansky was born on August 27, 1950 in Chicago, IL. to the exceptional Christian parents, Richard and Nancy Shemansky. Richard was an architect with CF Murphy & Associates (now Murphy/Jahn) in Chicago and Nancy was a full-time mother. They moved to Wheaton, IL (western suburb of Chicago) in 1954 where he also lived with his older brother Rick until age 21. Growing up, Robert had a passion for airplanes and construction building both models, flying or static, as well as tree-houses, forts and in ground structures. He also built several small boats between junior high and high school.  He went on to Illinois State University in Normal, IL to prepare for a career in aeronautical engineering believing he would be able to design airplanes someday.


However, as fate or luck would have it, Bob had a conversation with an older classmate of his brother in the summer of 1970 just prior to transferring to Purdue University, who was an aeronautical engineer for Boeing.  He explained the realities of what his chances were to becoming a designer as compared to designing airplanes, which were quite unfavorable. At that moment, Robert decided to pursue a career in architecture where he could see the vision of being able to design and create structures under his own direction.  So, he went to Illinois Institute of Technology from 1970 to 1975 and graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree.

Board of Directors @ King’s Gates Conference - Training Center and The Angel Projects of America, both are 501(c)3s

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