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Remanufacturing and Overhauls


Remanufacturing and overhauls are both options to increase the life of your locomotive.  Remanufacturing will increase performance and add 15 to 20 years to the life of your locomotive, overhauls add 7 to 9 years.  A remanufactured locomotive is disassembled to the frame and its components are distributed throughout the shop to be qualified and replaced as needed.  Mechanical, electrical and rotating equipment parts are remanufactured using today's finest technology.  The main frame, cab, long hood and truck frames are sandblasted, checked for wear, repaired and completely painted.  Remanufacturing costs are about 60% of a new locomotive.


Overhauls are another option that offer significant savings.  The exterior is cleaned and all mechanical and electrical problems are corrected as per the customer specifications.  Each locomotive has a unique work scope to make sure the locomotive is getting the proper attention needed to become a serviceable locomotive for you in the future.


Upon completion, our quality control inspector checks the locomotive's on board performance and carefully notes the results.  Final adjustments are made and your locomotive is ready.

Gr8 Resto-Mod Solution (Complete Restoration and Modification / Retrofit to ODM -EMD DASH-2 Control System)


We can restore GE, Russian and Chinese Diesel Locomotives


At the heart of the Resto-Mod is original OEM control technology systems (ODM Version of  GM/EMD’s DASH2 system  or Complete latest Technology Microprocessor system retrofit):


Furthermore, we can typically modify any locomotive (BO-BO or CO-CO) with two control stands, thus delivering locomotives that serve as an ‘all in one’, dual purpose, hauler and switcher.


All of the major components will be Remanufactured using NEW, Original OEM parts.

A Complete RESTO-MOD includes:

  • A Complete Tear-down to the chassis / underframe

    • The underframe will be sandblasted and cleaned of rust and debris

  • The Underframe will be inspected for cracks or bends, all cracks and bends would be welded and then straightened so as to meet the original OEM specifications. (If in the case that the main I-BEAM would not meet or exceed the original specifications, a NEW one would be constructed and installed.

  • The Bogies - will also be inspected and sandblasted, they will be “trammed” corner to corner to determine, to the millimeter, how ‘true’ they are, and if necessary, the bogies will be heated and cured into specifications (in the event that the conditions are less than perfect, NEW bogies will be constructed and old bogies will be discarded.)

  • Fuel  System- a man sized hold will be cut into the fuel tank for visual inspection. If it is determined that the fuel tank is usable, it will be cleaned and completely restored. (If there are breaches or conditions beyond repair, completely new fuel tank will be constructed and installed) Additionally, all fuel lines will be replaced, as well as new fuel gages and new sending units are used.

  • Cooling System - NEW radiator cores are used, they are mechanically bonded. Cooling fans will either be rebuilt or replaced with NEW (depending on the condition of the existing cooling fans), most all cooling pipes and couplings will be replaced with new parts.

  • Brake System - EVERY brake valve from the control stand to the brake cylinder, will be rebuilt to factory specifications, using only OEM factory parts, and completely tested on an OEM factory test stand. Every brake line, as well as reservoirs, are tested and/or replaced. Compressors are rebuilt or replaced.

  • Locomotive Cab - Each cab will be NEW. The electrical cabinet forms the back wall. The cab will contain All NEW floors, windscreen cleaning hardware… they are air conditioned and each contain two control stands (so each may be also used as a shunter)

  • Car Body - In Most cases, most all of the car body will be completely NEW. (as it almost more cost effective to replace with NEW rather than to repair rusty or dented car bodies)

  • Complete New Exterior Paint Job - After the frame and body are completely reassembled, the entire locomotive body is primed and painted, including any adding any custom branding or logos

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