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Advance Waste Management Program

Managing It All

advance waste

From Garbage To Oil & Electricity. 

Our professional systems will use water, pressure, and heat to convert organic material into clean fuel gas, absorbent carbon (like that used in water filters),  minerals for fertilizer, and a crude oil that is chemically similar to a mixture of diesel fuel and gasoline.


The system produces no polluting emissions, and the only by-product is water.


Lack of discipline when it comes to proper waste disposal was rampant in Philippines nowadays.  No matter how many ways our Phil Govt makes, the pollution is inevitable. The Philippines has 7,641 islands and the fifth longest coastline in the world.
We are also fifth in all other mineral resources and in natural flora and fauna. But all these beautiful islands are in danger of environmental degradation if no action is taken immediately.
With proper method of segregation, garbage could turn into things with economical values.
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